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what you read ...

is what you get

heaven sent // don't you dare forget
11 November
laugh. love. live.

as we grow up, we learn the one who isn't supposed to let you down will,
& the one you never thought would be there for you is.
you're gonna have fights with friends, lose some friends,
& may even fall in love with a friend.
you will eventually lose someone you love,
& love someone you never thought you'd find.
people are gonna hate you, love you, love to hate you,
& hate to love you,
but the ones you mean the most to will always be there.
life is too short.
so have too much fun, make too many mistakes,
take too many pictures, have too many friends,
laugh way too much for way too long,
cry over the smallest of things,
live life to the fullest...
but most importantly, love with all you have.
love and you will be loved.
you never lose by loving; only by holding back.